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KISAH: Abu Qudama and the young boy

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Ana akan post satu cerita yang dikisahkan oleh guru ana iaitu Sheikh Bilal Assad tentang Abu Qudama dan Lelaki Muda yang kalau ana ringkaskan ianya berkisah seorang pemuda yang mahu mengikut jejak langkah mulia bapanya yang syahid di medan perang . Berumur dalam sekitar 17-19 dan bercita-cita untuk syahid . Bermimpi berjumpa dengan Ainul mardhiah ( Ketua Bidadari Syurga ) yang dijanjikan oleh Allah swt kepada lelaki yang syahid dan berjihad lillahitaala . Kisah ini ana rungkaikan atau karang dalam bahasa inggeris . Harap semua Fahamlah :) Baiklah Bismillahirahmanirahim
" Abu Qudama and the Young Boy "
This is a story which shocked me walahyAlazeem and it is a story which existed in about the 10thC in the Islamic era.In that time enemies of Islam who were ruthless were attacking the Muslims in a place called Al-riqah in Iraq. And they had invaded the homes, and raped the women and stole their children, and killed the old men. This is in history b/c they said our lord is Allah. After doing so, there was a man at that time who existed. He was a great scholar, and a great leader in battles. His only cause and motive was to defend the Muslims wherever they may be, wherever they were killed or oppressed. His name was Abu Qudamar.

 This man Abu Qudamah, and he was very courageous. He was once sitting in a masjid when a group of ppl came up to him and said to him "Ya Abu Qudamah we have free time right now, can you tell us of an amazing story that happened during your time. We want to hear the most unusual, and interesting story ever to be heard. Can you entertain us ya Aba Qudamah, and make us come closer to Allah (swt).?" And then Aba Qudamah sat for a while and gathered them. When everyone was silent, like you are right now he said to them, "I recall one of the most shocking stories that ever happened. Until today I dont know how to explain it. 

He said One time I went to that place, Al-riqah in Iraq and I stood up in the masjid and I went out to the city to recruit soldiers who are ready to defend the stories of Al-riqah, to stand guard over there and if the enemy attacks to be strong enough to defend the women and children. As Allah says in the quran, "What is wrong with you O'Believers that you dont stand and fight for the cause of Allah when the weak and feeble ppl are calling out, O'Allah send ppl to save us" We are responsible for the weak ones, whenever and wherever they may be. And so he began to recruit ppl, only a few gathered with him and so he began to ask for wealth and money. After the day had ended he rented a small apartment, a little place to stay in. He said, "I went into this place and I stayed there and then just after ishaa prayer, when I was praying my night prayer, and I was about to pray my witr when all of a sudden in the middle of the night, it was so quiet you could hear the crickets outside, when my door began to knock. I said, "SubhanAllah nobody knows me here, I've just arrived yesterday and already my door is knocking, ya'nee someone is knocking at my door. So I slowly went and opened the door and in front of me there stood a woman I could not see her face b/c she had covered all her body, everything.
And while she was covering her hand she reached out her hand and before she opened it she asked, "Are you the man who was calling out for recruitments today? Were you the man who was gathering wealth in order to go and guard our borders and protect us?". I said "Yes". "You were the one calling to Jihad?". I said, "Yes, I am". So she said, "Please open your hand". And he opened his hand and she dropped a piece of cloth which was wrapped up into his hand. And she said, "Take this- it is an amanah. It is a trust" And she ran off. Thats all she said. I wanted to ask her many other questions. So I went inside and opened that cloth and I found a piece of paper with something written on it and a thick lock of hair. I read the paper, and the paper said, "Today you were calling out for recruitments to fight with you and protect the weak ppl. I am a woman and unable to fight, and I dont have enough wealth to give you. So my heart was struck with shock and sorrow when I did not have anything to give you. So I went home and cut a lock of my hair and that is the one you see in this cloth. The only thing which I can give to the cause of this, is my lock of hair. I ask you to please use it was your rein, (ya'nee the rope that would steer the horse), so that maybe Allah will recognize this and know I was fighitng with you in that jihad. [Even though taking a lock of hair, of a woman's and giving it to a man is not allowed in Islam but her jihad spirit had reached that state and it could not stop her] And she said, "Tomorrow someone will come to you, he is a recruitment. See if he is worthy. And that is it" He said, SubhanAllah. What kind of a woman is this? He said, so I took the lock of hair and I did put it onto my reins.

 And in the morning I gathered my troops and we went out into the battlefields. When we reached the battlefield, ya'nee the borders, we noticed that a group of army after a day began to make their way towards us. And so I got the army ready and I told them to stand guard. As we were about to move forward, I heard a voice from a far distance calling out, "Ya Amee Aba Qudamah! Ya Amee Aba Qudamah entathernee (wait for me my uncle)!!!" He looked back and he found a fierce warrior on his horse galloping fiercely towards him and he had his face covered. As soon as this man approached him, Aba Qudamah looked at him and said, "How can I help you?" He said, "Wait for me. Alhamdulilah, Alhamdulilah it was written for me to meet you and unite with you. He said, "Calm down, calm down and take a deep breath." He said, "You don't understand. I made a duaa all my life
to have this opportunity and I thought you were going to beat me. Allah (swt) decreed that I was going to unite with you. Alhamduilah! Alhamduilah!" He said, "Ask me, what do you want?" He said, "I want to fight with you. I want to have part in this" And then Abu Qudamah said to him, "Show me your face, I want to know who you are!" And then he reluctantly took the cloth off his face and Abu Qudamah said, And I looked at his face and before me was the most beautiful face I had ever laid eyes on. The face of a young man; about 17 or 18 years of age.

His face was like the full moon in its brightness. And I noticed that he was young. I said, "Son, what experience do you have? How can you come to fight with us? No, you are not allowed to come and fight with us, you are too young. Return back." He said, "But my mother came to you last night?" He said, "Your mother? He said, "Yes, my mother." He said, "Who is your mother?" And he said, "She was the one who gave you a lock of her hair. And she told you to look after me." He said, "Is that YOUR mother?" He said, "Na'3am" {yes}. He said, "You should go back and look after her, son. Dont come here and fight." And he started to hold unto him, the young boy and he said to him, "No Abu Qudamah, No! My father fought in jihad and I want to fight too. I want to defend. Please accept me! I have great experience. I have fought many battles, and I am an experienced horse rider. I am a really good, experienced person. Wallahy you will find me that I am able to help you alot. When he insisted on him, and he insisted on him Abu Qudamah looked at him and said, "Okay, if you are insisting on traveling along with us then you have to stand in the last line.And your work is to prepare food for the soldiers". He said, "Fair enough. I'll do that." So they went out and sorry the enemy was not approaching, they had news of the enemy approaching.

 And so the time of lunch came and the soldiers wanted to eat and he sent out this young man, his name was Muhammad, to go and prepare the meal. And then when about 1 or 2 hours passed no food has arrived. So Aba Qudamah said, so I went searching for him and what had kept him so long. And when I arrived I found the pot was boiling in front of him and he was asleep beside it. I said, SubhanAllah he must be very tired because he said during the whole day he was the most active of all the men, he would race after this one and race after that one and help this person and help that person. He was very active during the day. I became amazed at how agile this young boy is, how enthusiastic this young man is. So I thought, I felt sorry for him and I thought maybe he needs some rest. So I did not interfere and I did not disturb him, And I began to prepare and finish and complete off the meal by myself. But as I was stirring he said, I heard a small sound coming from him so I looked immediately at him. All of a sudden I see his face begin to smile. He was asleep. After a few moments, his smile grew. A few moments later his teeth began to show. And then even a few moments later he began to laugh in laughter and giggle. As he was laughing, his laughter was intensifying until finally he awoke. Suddenly, he saw me in front of him with open eyes and his smile immediately faded away.

 As though he was shocked that I was there in front of him, and he did not want me to be there; as though he had a secret. And then he got up immediately and said, "Ya Amee' I am sorry I did not know I had gone to sleep. Please you dont have to prepare the food, please let me!" Abu Qudamah said, "No, you sit down! Walahi I will not let you do anything until you tell me why you were laughing." He said," I was laughing?" He said,"Yes you were laughing! Your laughter could reach a few meters away."
"Ya Amee, Abu Qudamah. Since you saw me laughing and you will not let me go I will tell you what I was dreaming about but you have to keep it a secret between you and I. For if I tell you, maybe Allah will not accept my reward for coming here, maybe it will be insincere." He said,"Please tell me, I am listening with open ears." {I really wanted to know what he was seeing in his dream} And then the young boy said, " I slipped and then I noticed as if the last hour had come, the world ended and the day of judgement came. Everybody was looking up into the sky... 'Khushe'aat Absaroohum. And then all of a sudden, I hear a voice calling out: 'Grab Mohammad and take him to Paradise' Amongst everyone a light came to me and took me away. And then there was a man next to me, a very handsome man. His light emanating from his face until it reached the far corners of what I could see, and he took me into Jannah. And I asked him, "Who are you?" And he said, "I am one of your servants whom Allah has made for you in Jannah in the palace" I said, "where are you taking me?" And then he began to smile, and said, "I am taking you to your wealth and to your family and to your belongings & possessions in your palace in jannah." And his smile grew more (Muhammads).

And then when he reached the great gates & the great doors of his last position, he said, "I cannot enter here. For you have women inside and I am not allowed to set eyes upon them." His smile grew more. And so he entered, and he said, "And then I found many beautiful women, their light was so great that I thought that if they show their light on earth they would light the whole earth. And they grabbed my arm and took me away. And I thought, "Are you my wives?" And they said, "No, no, no. We are just your servants. But you have your princess waiting inside on a khidr, inside the tent reclining on the silk sheets waiting for you." And so I entered, and all of a sudden I see a woman that almost made my soul escape from my body. And I said to her, "Who are you?" And the smile grew when his teeth began to show. And she said, "I am whom Allah has promised you. I am your wife in Jannah. I am the one who Allah has gifted to you." 'Wa ma tadry ma Ukhfeya lahum min quraaty a'yun' And no Mu'min what Allah has gifted for them in Jannah. And then he said, he came and extended his arm to touch her and then she grabbed his arm and returned it back gently and she said to him, "No Ya Muhammad! Not now. I ask Allah to save you from any bad acts, I am not yours yet, and it is because you have saved yourself from haram acts with other women Allah gave me to you. So keep yourself pure, ya Muhammad! Wa maw3edunah Ghadaan 3enda Al-Futoor. Our meeting is tomorrow and we shall break our fast together [because Muhammad used to fast every other day, one day on one day off] And then he said, when she was speaking to me I began to laugh and I really wanted to approach her and she would say "no ya Mohammad, not now!" and I began to laugh and laugh until I woke up. 

That is my story, Ya Amee Aba Qudamah! Please keep it a secret between you and me otherwise my rewards will be gone. He said, "Its my secret." Abu Qudamah, said I kept my eyes open watching this young boy. The next day the enemy arrived; it was fierce and we attacked and charged. I looked behind me where Muhammad was supposed to be standing and all of sudden he was right in the front. And he did not have any experience in fighting because he could not hold his sword. Muhammd had decieved Aba Qudamah in saying he has experience. He said, I could not reach him anymore but he was right in the frontline. And he would call out the message of his mother "Ya Ibnee etha Laqetahum falaa tuwalyhim duburak (My son if you meet them, dont run away and show them your back) Allahu Akbar!" He would call out like that. And he would fight whoever would hold a sword against him and against the Muslims. He would protect that person and then that person, until finally Abu Qudamah says that so much dust came into my eyes I lost sight of him. I do not know where he was. Finally Allah gave us victory because we were fighting for a noble cause, and at the end of the victory we started looking for our martyrs. And then I just wanted to find, Muhammad the young boy. I did not care about anyone else, I kept searching and searching; when all of a sudden I see at a distance a young boy holding out his arm saying "Amee, Amee" And I could barely hear him.

 So I ran to him as fast as I could, and I grabbed his beautiful head as though he were my son and I looked at his face, at a face that was once youthful, at a face that was once beautiful, at a face that was so handsome and a body so young and strong. The horses had trampled him, the wheels had crushed his bones....his face was undescribable. And he was holding a piece of his shirt, which was ripped and he was taking deep breaths, dying. And then Abu Qudamah held his face and he began to cry, "He said my son I told you the war is very fierce. Didn't I tell you that the battle is not what you think! And didnt I tell you that you are still young. I told you my son, and you had to go forward! Why have you dont this to yourself!" And he looked at me and said to me, "Amee Aba Qudamah: "This is what my mother raised me for, my father died in this cause as well. Do you want to deny me, and you all of all people Amee Aba Qudamah. You are telling me to go back when Allah says in the Quran 'And what do you fear, fighting for his cause'". He said to me, "Ya Amee this is what I want. Wallahy I can see my palaces in front of me. If only you could see what I could see Ya Amee!!!" And then he said, "But I require one thing of you: My mother when you reach her, she will be very saddened and she may not believe you that I have died in the cause of Allah. So I want you to take this piece of my shirt and show it to her so that she can relieve her sadness and know that I am in Jannah. And once she is raised, she will also be in Jannah with me. Let her know, that 'Do not be saddened my mother, I died and you will be with me forever in eternity in Jannah. My mother I died in the cause of Allah, now it will be a guarantee that you will be with me and we will be together with my father' He said, "Because nothing else will calm her heart" He said, "Ya Amee, Aba Qudamah I also have a young sister. Her name is Fatimah, and she is only 8 years old. She has grown up with me to love me very much when my father passed away and I lover her extremely. However, my A'3m her love I have never seen before. She is too attached to me, when you reach her please try to look after her, please try to calm her down. Please try to say soothing words to her, for I fear her consequence. She loves me too much; and dont show her my shirt." Abu Qudamah promised,

 and while he was holding him in his arms young Muhammad began to smile and his smile grew, and then it grew even more and then even more until he began to giggle with laughter, and he said, "Ya Amee Abu Qudamah La Elah Illa Allah eny laa'jedu Al-Mardeyatah Janbee {The women he saw in his dreams had a name, Mardeya 'The Pleasing one'}" He said, "Ya Amee Aba Qudamah, look at her she has just come down from the sky and she is lying beside me holding my hand, she is waiting for me ya A3m. Allah sadaqanee wa3dah. He gave me what he has promised. I am going to Jannah with Mardeya. She will keep me company ya Amee Aba Qudamah. Our secret between you and I" And then he died while he was biting onto his lip, and saying "Ya Amee remember our secret." And he died, and went to Allah (subhanahu watallah). A noble death. And then Abu Qudamah went back to the village in al-riqah and all the women went out to meet the mujahideen. And then came the mother of Muhammad searching for him, and as she came up to Abu Qudamah she said to him, "My son? Where is my son?" Aba Qudamah looked at her and said, "He passed away and He fought in the frontlines without returning back and he did what you had advised him and trained him to do."And she said. "I dont believe you!" just as her son said. And then he said, "But he told me to give you his shirt." And she looked at his shirt and examined it and she knew the blood and the stains of her young son, Mohammad. And then she cried and put her hands up to Allah and she said, "Alhamdulilah, the one who has saved my son. I will now be reunited with him and my husband. But before that Aba Qudamah saw something, a young girl fluttering like a butterfly touching this man and looking at him then touching that man and looking at him then turning another man around and examing his face like a young child does.

 And Aba Qudamah knew this was Fatimah looking for her brother, Muhammad. And so I went up to Fatimah and I grabbed her and I hugged her and kissed her and I said to her, "What are you looking for?" and she said, "My brother Muhammad. Where's Muhammad? Where's Muhammad?Do you know where Muhammad is, my brother? Do you know where he is? I love him. I want to see him, and he promised me he will return" {because Muhammad said to Aba Qudamah before he died that I promised my sister I was going to return otherwise she would never have left me but I am not going to return. She said, "But he promised me that he is going to come back. Where is he?" Abu Qudamah started to cry, he said, "Fatimah, your brother says Asalamu Alaikum to you and he says that soon your going to meet him in jannah inshallah." She said, "Jannah? Did he die?"Abu Qudamar said, "Yes, but he died a noble cause....before he could finish this word Fatimah took a very deep breathe and she fell unconscious to the ground. He came to pick her up, but her mother raced to her and she said leave her. She took her daughter away and into the room. Abu Qudamah knocked and knocked but he was too late. He heard the mother inside crying and saying, "My husband died for your cause and he is in jannah inshallah. My son, I have sacrificed him for you Ya Allah and I have raised him. Please do no deny me my unity and presence with him in Jannah. And now, my daughter has passed away and followed her brother. Ya Allah my husband, my son, and my daughter they are all to you---Ena LillAllah wa Ena Elayhi Rajeeon, To Allah we belong and to him we shall return! O'Allah guarantee me a place in jannah with them, O'Allah unite me with them" And she began to cry until her voice faded away into the darkness. Abu Qudamah kept on knocking but she would not open for him, so he said so I left her and I went away.
Until this day my dear companions the story has remained unexplainable to me. End

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